Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life: Politics and imposing ‘Morality

I was at the March in Washington. Among the vast majority of the marchers, their problem with abortion was not the many economic and legal ramifications, but:

Every life was created by God for a reason.
Each of us, by God, is willed, is loved, is necessary.
Every human life, every biological fetus, is Sacred, infinitely precious.

So? Detracters say, that’s just a religious belief. Why is every small, malformed, biological piece of a human that important? Why should we recklessly and blindly value it, especially when the birth of that life will bring about unhappiness, economical harm, shame, emotional trauma, and restriction of rights on others, especially the woman who has to bear the fetus? And that fetus you guys care so much about, will have to live a life an unwanted by-product of sex, and be medically handicapped, or oppressed, or subjugated, or victimized? The majority of these fetuses were conceived in a situation where their life would be unlikely to be well-adjusted. Who are you to tell them to just suck it up and be suffering victims because you happen to think that you know what is best for them? Who are you to impose your strict, blind personal religious views on a poor woman and her unhappily conceived fetus?

And the marchers put their kids on their shoulders, or push their handicapped kids in wheelchairs, and they carry signs with pictures of a woman and child and a lamb. They sing, “Christ, for the sake of Your sorrowing passion, have mercy on us and on the sins of the world. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners…”

The marcher’s answer to the prochoicers is simple:

Human life is sacred. Every human life, be it retarded or unhappy or the product of rape, is Holy, is precious, has a plan from the beginning of Creation by a God who loves with a love that is more than human, who suffers with us, who has brought us holiness, redemption.
To destroy a human life that has been given, is like throwing away of a priceless inheritance, snapping off the buds of the plants in spring, ripping up a million-dollar check, pouring out on the ground your last water bottle while stranded in the sahara, deserting your one faithful friend, embracing the death of hope, of love.

You are blind to the holiness and worth of every human!
No, YOU are blinded by your stupid, subjective, arrogant religion!

The prochoicers and the prolifers stare at eachother, on two sides of great chasm, shouting out across the divide in two languages incomprehensible to the other.

America is splittting in half, and we can’t communicate.

The biggest problem in our times is that people have radically different definitions of words.

On one side, they say:
And the Word was made Flesh. Holy Holy Holy.
God is Love. God is Truth. God is Holy. God is Life. God is Beauty.

On the other side:
‘Love’ is ultimately selfish drive for survival, or the hormone-driven and intense sexual attractions that are immortalized in syrupy songs. ‘Life’ is in all its complexity, the day-to-day existing in a lousy world that oppresses and subjugates. Beauty is a product of cultural upbringing and hormones. ‘Holy’ is an adjective for four letter words referring to the biohazardous end-product of human digestion.

What now? Six-party talks?

Words are useless.

We speak two different languages. So we do not understand eachother. We Americans can only scream and laugh at, pity or despise, psychoanyalyze or pray for ‘the other side’.

So the Prochoicers say, ‘There goes the arrogant religious nuts, who don’t really care about people…because if they did they would let a woman choose the way out of an unwanted pregnancy. Also, to say there is Right that you know, is to say there is Wrong that other people believe, and calling people wrong is not tolerant, and it is dangerous and arrogant when you say that you know “Righteousness” and do not tolerate “Wickedness”. Labeling people ‘wrong’ is what the Nazis did, what the racists did, THAT is definitely the One Wrong. The One Right thing to do is to be tolerant, and realize that we all should make our own personal beliefs and not impose our morality on others. This ‘human life’ thing is drawing lines in the sand, is being extreme, is calling a normal medical practice ‘murder!’ Sure the fetus looks like a human, but that is beside the point. It isn’t that it won’t become a human, but there are so many other factors to take into account, if on really cared… You are just blind, blinded by your harshe religion to true compassion!

And the marchers do not speak. They think, if you are that blind, if you can look at a small human face and not see a human child worthy of love, if you think it is humane for doctors to dice them alive in their mother’s womb, no words of persuasion or rational arguments can make you see. If you can see a baby and NOT see infinite preciousness, sacred beauty, holiness, hope for the world, a message of love from God, Nothing I say will do any good.

And so the marchers do not speak, and they raise their voices, singing, “O CHRIST, For the sake of your sorrowful Passion, Have mercy on us, and on the sins of the World. Holy Mary, mother of God, have mercy on us sinners, and pray for us…”
“For God, all things are possible, bring light, that they may see. Have mercy on us, bring the Light of Christ!”

I’ll try to bridge this chasm (impossible, I know) by pathetically attempting to tell a story. I am not a good story-teller, give it 2 minutes and try to understand.

Let me tell you a story about a woman who lived in a male-dominated society, oppressed by a rich foreign power:

There is a Being, behind the mountains, the stars, the thunder, the dawn, snow falling from the sky, and human love.

He is a Holy God, who is all brightness, light, Beauty and justice. But there is so much that is Damn wrong with the world, damn wrong with us. Strong oppressing weak, rich oppressing poor, men hurting women, women hurting men, humans loving hatred and hating love.

He came down to our world and was made flesh. He was a lumpy zygote implanting in a uterine wall, and developing fetus. He was born to a teenager from a economically and politically exploited people. The mother’s life was a life of pain, oppression, and alienation because of this pregnancy.

She had to take the disbelief and censure of her neighbors, then the painful medical risks of pregnancy and delivery, then the alienation of fleeing to a foreign land when capricious political powers wanted her child and her dead. She lived a life of political oppression and poverty in a defeated and humiliated country.

And after years, she stood, a powerless woman and victim of the political powers of that day, while swaggering soldiers took her child, and humiliated him, beat him, stripped him, tortured him, and nailed him to a stake of wood to scream, bleed, and suffocate to death.

Her life would have been so different if she had been able to terminate the pregnancy. No social rejection, no medical risks, no persecution from the powers that be, no victimhood. She could have spent her life improving her economic situation, and fighting for her rights in an oppressive society.

But she didn’t. She took the way of persecution, physical and emotional pain, oppression, powerlessness, suffering, victimhood.

And the prolifers see this, and cry out and say, “Holy Mary, mother of God; Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.”

And other think: How stupid! The oppressed of the world should be fighting for rights, for feminism, economic equality, peace. Mary should have not wasted her life like that, she was a strong woman, she should have fought for rights in her messed up world. Instead you follow your blind religion and inflict pain on yourselves and the weak!

But see, we say we have met Him. We have seen the face of Incarnate Love.

We know that there is so much that is Damn wrong with us, there is so much that is Damn wrong with you, there is so much that is Damn wrong with every human since the beginning of humanity. And the strong(whoever they are) always exploit the weak, and humans degrade humans, objects to be degraded and used and exploited and humiliated. A mere change of power will not cure this ill, it runs too deep. If you deny this Damnable wrongness, you will only be spraying perfume on a wound set with gangrene.

And so he became a fetus, he became child, he became a man. He was born among the oppressed, the victims; and He himself became a victim to the bigotry and hatreds and Damn-wrongness of the people of his times.
The answer to all our pain, is a human hand, with a gash ripped through it. And pierced feet, and a hole in his side.


And so he atoned for the Damn-wrongness of us all; and holds out his hands to lead us on another way, to save us from ourselves.

And his face is Beauty, this incarnate Love, this HOLY GOD, this Love, the infinite worth. These cannot be described in words, nor expressed in any human emotion. It is Spirt.

And he was made flesh, a human like us. And because of this, man was made holy. Every human being is not just a pathetic biological package that (hopefully) will lead a well-adjusted life before a quiet death. No, in every human life is an image, an echo of His. If you have not seen his face, then these are all empty syllables.

Every life, every human life, was willed by God, is loved, is necessary, is needed.

And so every human life, every misshapen fetus, is a sacred gift from this God, a gift of a Human Life. Yes, it is suffering, yes, it is ‘victimhood’; yes, it has pain. But God sends his Spirit to us, he sends his spirit of healing, of hope, of Holiness, of beauty, of joy, of laughter, of Love.

It is always worth the cost. We pray and wait for the day when you realize:

We all are made in the image of Him, this holy God, this man, this incarnate Love.
And it is worth this cost of having to live, a thousand thousand times over, for you will see His Face. And then you will see, you will know, what LOVE TRUTH BEAUTY HOLY are.

And then you will understand, and realize that you too, are made in the image of this holy God, this God-in-flesh, this Love.

But you cannot see, so you cannot see why human life is sacred, and must not be destroyed. God save us from future evils, future holocausts, future slaughters and injustices perpetrated by our blind America that will make the genocides of the past century pale in comparison.

There is nothing left to do but pray, pray for the forgiveness of our sins, for the atonement of the world, and that your eyes may be opened, and that you would see his face.

Bring your mercy, to us, O God. For the sake of your sorowful Passion, have mercy on us, and on the sins of the world. Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy.


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