This is not written by me. It is a letter that I liked very much. It was written by someone who just experienced a death of someone they loved.

God’s ways are full of mystery and hidden parables yet not without bright morning’s dawn and flash of sword– yes, God’s mysteries are both deep waters, earth, and stone, yet running, laughing, spilling, flashing with wind and light.
In march, I was depressed coming out of rehearsal and of course it was night and in a dangerous part of town, but the wind! It was truly glorious, it was perfect tornado weather–it was not harsh it was not extremely warm yet it was like breath, large, powerful. It was like Zephyr picking me up, I stood there in the parking lot lifting my arms, standing… (amazing my surprised colleagues no doubt.) But it was like total power and strength and yet laughing crying gentle breathing all at once.

I was not afraid, and yet I suppose had every reason to be.
Remember when you said “Haven’t you ever felt wind was like being kissed by God?”
Anyway, I felt that that specific night was a preordained occasion just for you, and for me to tell you.

Don’t you know that very unique feeling that God is not only watching you, but doing it just for you?

I know I shocked Dad and E– horribly for saying that sometimes I wanted to be picked up in a tornado all alone like on a prairie and just you and sky…this marvelous whirling and being carried up, up, up
and having nothing in this world but–and having nothing to be afraid because it is the terriblest thing that should be afraid of…. I know I already wrote a poem and told you about it, I am sorry that I repeat myself. Sometimes I think life is repeating, repeating, repeating…but as Guy Montag said? coming back for the first time.
I love you,


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