Dead Birds

(I wrote this in June 2008)

On Friday I saw three dead baby birds rotting on the pavement. They hadn’t gotten their feathers yet, just pink and a little grey fuzz. Either some heartless janitor, or the storm winds had knocked down their nest. Just looking at them hurt. If they hadn’t been birds, or hadn’t been half-developed, it would have been so much easier to see. Isn’t that strange?

It brought up again some of the habitual things i think about–life, development, vulnerability, death. This led to some mindless web browsing and I wound up on (or prochoiceamerica?).

I decided that I am definitely voting for McCain.

I was considering not voting at all. I don’t like McCain….he doesn’t seem the most honorable or trustworthy or stable man on the planet. Obama seems really nice, except he stands for everything I don’t (Obama was for partial birth abortion…that is a seven/eight month preemie).

Anyway, this clinched it.

that deserves a vote.

Watch this youtube video of the University of Washington’s fetus collection.

Its not gory, its a scientific collection at a medical institution.
I think it says it all. The video is very sad and beautiful. Yes, It would be better to bury them in a churchyardLater


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