Stalin the Great

Peter the Great. Alexander the Great. Frederick the Great….. Stalin the Great. A boy said that that in Russian Class. First I was stunned, and then it made sense. Of course.


Stalin is just like Peter the Great. He will be remembered fondly by some in Russia now. Probably within a couple centuries, by almost everyone. Yes, he killed thousands and starved millions. But what of it? He made Russia strong and modern–he was Great.


A part of me screams. So, this is the way:


1. Tyrant killer rules with an iron-fist, thought police ensure he is praised in fear. No-one takes it seriously, its a complete joke.


2. The tyrant is dead, the statues are smashed, mockery ensues. The children/grandchildren of the executed rise up, recounting those brutally murdered by previous regime, then, as their pain fades into memory, as the centuries roll on….


3. The tyrant is now remembered fondly again in the histories, as men of power, who “built up”, “modernised”, and made the country “great”. Men will worship raw power. This is the final judgment of history!!! I’m so bitter. Ack. Some day, I shouldn’t wonder, Hitler will be raised up too. In fact, he probably would have been by now except that he wasn’t bright enough to realize that mas-murder is even politically correct as long as you fill your racial quotas. Stalin just had the sense to murder many people of many races–racial quotas of mass-murder conveniently do not label you a genocide—–so Hitler is a monster while little Stalin is only tyrant with his good points… (Him and Stalin were equals as far as contempt for human life goes. They both had their ideologies sanctifying their deeds: H’s scientific racialist nationalism, S’s dialectic materialist communism.)


So they weren’t so dumb after all. Sure, they would lose their power, and be spat upon and mocked by a few generations…but then the brave new historians will shore up their image and present them as strong men of the past.

The Greats.


Is this history? Is this the “history will tell”?! “We wouldn’t have a strong nation/organization/empire today, if it wasn’t for their foresightedness, forward thinking, they wisely knew some things must be stepped over for the Greater Good. [e.g. human bodies, some shabby little reactionaries and tightfisted farmers–very regrettable they had to be shot, but just a blip on the way to Progress of the Nation]


So…the electricity, the woman’s liberation (easy divorce, access to careerworld), the libraries in every city, and the increased literacy… was worth that heap of rotted bodies. And their countless children and children’s children that will never be.


Who are you to judge?


Is there any justice on this earth? Even “history” is no just judge! Mankind will worship raw amoral power, all in the name of higher good!


We must hold tenaciously onto the good of little things. Never let all the utilitarian good and philosophies of this world sacrifice them.


And remember, there will be a day, when earth and sky flee away, all the historical libraries of the world and universities so much burnt dust, and ever slain body will stand alive, and every slayer will stand, and there will be the Great White Throne, and there will be Justice. The equivocating chatter of the educated elite will die away. There will be Evil and Good. And every man must give account of all that he has said, and all that he has done.


There will be a day when Justice will shine like the noonday sun. There will be a day when God shall judge all the children of men.



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