Favorite Modern Singles

Ok, here are some moving modern singles that have helped me through dark times. As you can hear–they are musically all over the place….it is more the lyrics that ‘make’ these songs. You should be able to find all of these on youtube (or itunes). I’ll try to update the hyperlinks, but on youtube they have a tendency to go dead.

Rich Mullin’s “The Color Green” from A Liturgy, A Legacy, a Ragamuffin Band

Singing is meh, but the LYRICS…is poetry/imagery/symbolism at its most moving. The official music video is pretty good too, but first just listen to the song alone, it has so many layers of meaning.

Twila Paris’  “Runner”

OK, this is seriously 1980s….but the lyrics seriously get you through the tough times. Again, its the symbolic imagery that really gets me and gives strength.

Michelle Tume’s “Break Through”

This song is the song for us girls with pain from relationship history. Again, the symbolic imagery is pretty amazing.

Jason Gray’s “Remind Me Who I Am” from A Way to See in the Dark
Musically, this isn’t much, but the words mean a great deal. The official music video is a bit confusing (is he being kidnapped?) but oddly touching.

Sara Groves’  “Conversations” and “This Journey is My Own” from Conversations

For any girl out there, struggling to not ditch God while trying so hard to be socially acceptable (and failing)…..these two songs hit the nail on the head. The song “Conversations” captures all those mixed ambivalent feelings….it’s cathartic and freeing. “This Journey is My Own” is a bit more uplifting/triumphant, so listen to it afterwards. These are good for those us of in a  new school/workplace and feeling like a social failure, etc.

Coldplay’s “Fix You”

For anyone who broke up with someone who…well, who had things to work through, and you loved them all the more for it….and you thought you could work through it “together”, and then….it didn’t work. This is the song. Seriously, this is THE song.

Coldplay’s “I Used to Rule the World” from Viva La Vida

Musically, this is the best one here, it’s got a great cello part. This song, like “Fix You”, puts past things into the present tense (in the refrain)…so it is kind of ambiguous. It is about….everything. The cruelty of fleeting popularity, one’s own guilt, the emptiness of selling one’s soul, and…hope. Well, I’ll let you decide on the last one. It’s intentionally complex and ambiguous. I find it cathartic and uplifting.


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