A dirge

First France, then Russia, Germany, China, Sweden etc….

So America is no different than other nations after all. Glorious Progress marches inexorably on, and those of us who believe in other things (we are ‘backward’ and ‘fanatic’ of course) must prepare to suffer.

Everything will be *fine* of course, for everyone except those obnoxious folks who have the cheek to stick to their own sense of right and wrong, and the subhumans (backwards rural folk and the old and the young), and the useless bread eaters. As long as you stand in line and do what they tell you, everything will be just fine.


I was hoping that ’08 was a much regretted one night stand on the part of the American people. But after four years of thought, they have chosen to stay: this is a long-term relationship with Glorious Progress.

So this is the beginning of the end. Goodbye America. You were beautiful once. There was a time when America stood for the liberty and dignity of every human being, when the US Soldier saved the weak and oppressed in their simple, idealistic, farm-boy way, when immigrants could come here and become fully American by embracing the ideals of freedom and human dignity, when men kept their word and families stuck together and the propaganda posters said “God–Home–Country.” When men in jail cells of totalitarian regimes on the other side of the world talked of America who would rescue. “Mee-guks” the amazed Koreans called them, those selfless people from “the beautiful land.” A time when we proved that it was possible to be both free and moral (unlike the medievals who settled for the Inquisitions), we proved it was possible to fight to defend humanity and yet not degenerate into mindless violence as the Jacobins and all their revolutionary reincarnations have. We were the exception to the rule, defying the cynical compromises of Christian Europe and the bloody disasters of the Communists, that one dear place that shone briefly like a beacon in the night.

And I won’t forget it.

But that chapter of history is over. So, now we have become like everyone else.

Yay Progress!


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