Falling in Love

You know that first falling-in-love-ness….not the romantic attractions of desire and flattered ego….I’m talking about the other part.

The absolute, dizzying wonder at their very existence. Their very personality with all its quirks, their character with all its decency/kindness/goodness, the workings of their mind, their personhood, their being itself…

The glory of their very being.

And you are lost in wonder at it, at the bigness of the whole beautiful universe that their existence has opened up to you.

And you feel like you are falling off a cliff–

—-that weightlessness of free fall, the wind rushing up!

This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with our sexual nature. It is an adoration of the soul, one can feel for anyone. Friendship has alot of it. Perhaps more so than sexual love, because with friendship, it has the potential to be unconstrained and free, a forgetting of self and undemanding in a way that sexual love just cannot be.


Now to reveal my sappy corniness….I think one of the best moments in film that captured it was a montage in How to Train Your Dragon, of Hiccup and Toothless getting to know eachother. It is wordless, and you see them getting to know eachother as the sun rises. Go watch the film for that. This is the soundtrack to that scene (the scene starts at the 2 minute mark)


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