Thoughts from rhetoric in the last election

The anti-abortion cause is not actually about condoning rape or about hating anyone.

I know it is a crazy dream….infanticide has been a fact of life for every truly civilized society from the Ancient Near East to Classical Rome to Progressive Sweden….

But that odd rabbi came and changed everything. He said we really could, that we really could make everything in our ordinary human lives into something sacred, as a breath of love, through pain and degradation, to the end. And he stuck to his word too—beaten and bloody and nailed to a stake of wood. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

We can live in a world where we treasure the little ones, the weak, the mentally retarded, and all those more dear and precious and sacred than ourselves. And yes, all the little ones, those hurt and hated and *shameful* and abused—so even those called ‘products of rape’.

In the ‘despised of the earth’ is the incarnation of Christ. They ARE Christ to us. It is an honor to carry the burden of these little ones. Of course this world is dark, and there are times of hellish pain. But let us live through it, for a different kind of world. A world where the little ones, especially the malformed and sick little ones, are treasured–not politely discarded onto the scrap heap of utilitarianism.

Where we hold them in our arms, and treasure them to their last breath.

Can’t we live in a world like that?


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