Postscript on “Marriage”

Two thoughts:

To explain the unconditional love and unconditional respect thing in another way:

A husband must love his wife, and steadfastly value her preciousness, her inestimable worth even when she does not, and despises herself. Even when she has such a low self image that she lets other people use her, or when she won’t ‘get over’ her depression and keeps eating and won’t groom herself and keeps making negative comments and is a mess.

Likewise, a wife must steadfastly believe in her husband’s integrity, even when he does not believe in himself anymore. Even when he considers himself a failure, or doesn’t have it in him to do what is right and just and good. When he is despairing, and is tempted to cave or cow or compromise to evil. Even when he has, to believe in the man he once was and may be again.


2 thoughts on “Postscript on “Marriage”

  1. Assuming, of course, that such negativity is primarily self-directed, and not outwardly abusive … see my comment on the previous post. Drug/alcohol addiction (slavery) is a phenomenal wild card — really introduces the demonic into the picture in a huge way.

  2. Like I said in the second paragraph of my previous post, if he is physically dangerous, you probably have to leave permanently. But that doesn’t mean you don’t still love/believe/hope for him. Separation is often justified, even sometimes downright commendable–in order to protect oneself or the children. But trying to ‘move on’ with someone else has nothing to do with physically protecting oneself: that is something else entirely. That is the difference between separation and divorce (which gives another go at marriage with others).

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