Protect the children

It seems like there is an ever-increasing trend recently in America for sexually aberrant acts perpetrated against children. It is possible that it is only that the news media is now covering it more, but I think it probably reflects a greater increase as well.

When (1) innocence in the young isn’t treasured by society, and (2) sex is reduced to not being a big deal, just recreation, and (3) when aberrant edginess in recreation is considered a good thing, than we will only see an ever-growing increase in sexual abuse of the young. As long as edgy recreation is OK, and innocence isn’t valued as a thing valuable in itself (just a temporary thing to be thrown away sooner or later), then there will be deranged individuals who will attempt these things.

Because…they are going for aberrant edginess, that is the whole point. It used to be that plain old fornication was edgy enough. Now that is downright respectable. So then it was adultery. Now that is fairly respectable too, (as long as you were ‘in love’ and not holding public office). So now…if you are going for the edginess, for the ‘forbidden’, for the ‘buzz’ of ‘this is naughty’…. where do you stop? Multiple-partners-at-once? Bestiality? Pedophilia?

There are people who will always want to be sexually edgy. The more sexual taboos we eliminate, the farther they have to push the envelope to get their buzz. They will keep pushing the envelope farther and farther until they get to an area where society finally says is taboo. So of course it will end with aberrant tortures and abusing children.

And another thing. It used to be if you seduced a virgin (male or female), you did them a great wrong. You had corrupted them, you had taken away something very precious from them–their innocence. You had robbed them. Now…as long as they are technically the right age…you are just doing them a favor, increasing their “sexual experience” and giving them an education, helping them be sexually “liberated”. So now…it is merely a matter of technicality….18 years old is ok…then 16….then 14…then 12… dear God, where does it end?

If we are going to protect the children, we need to start valuing innocence again, no matter what the age of the innocent. And (like people in olden days) we have to fight to protect their innocence, regardless of our level of non-innocence. We aren’t being “hypocritical” to try to protect other’s purity even if we have been less-than-pure. We just need to care about them. Destroying sexual taboos so that we can feel less guilt is selfish. This isn’t about us getting over our own sexual guilt, who cares about us. This is about creating a moral society so that the younger generation may be less abused.

So, let’s start building a society that values innocence, that rejects edgy sex. That protects the children.


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