The Last Days of the Republican Party

The Last Days of the Republican Party

I don’t normally post political op-ed pieces on this blog, but this one I had to.

My ancestors were Fremont Republicans… and I’m dead sick and tired of the GOP, with all their recent stupid smear campaigns and feel-good ads and established politicians and glitzy fundraisers, and presidential candidates that are barely different from the moneyed big-government progressives on the other side of the political divide.

We need a new Lincoln, and we need to start over. Where we stop posing and just be. God save America. Because nobody else will.


3 thoughts on “The Last Days of the Republican Party

  1. yeah, I pretty much figured that out when the GOP didn’t support Santorum but Romney instead. However the Tea Party needs to add a personal Revival/Repentance service along with it–you can’t have freedom without talking about God…but I still like the word “Republican” when I discovered I really prefer a Republic, not a democracy.(Rome > Greece) And I wouldn’t just say it’s the end of the Republican party, it’s the end of America. I believe the dream of America will live on, but I’m not sure about the present country–we’re a big hot mess, even the good guys. It will probably take a different country to start afresh.

    1. Yeah, I love what the Tea Party stands for, especially its patriotism, its unprofessionalism, and its stance on freedom and small government…. but a good dose of humility & personal repentance is in order too.

      This biggest problem with big taxes is that Big Taxes –> Big Gov’t –> Big Gov’t control –> loss of freedom. It’s not about money, it’s about freedom. But freedom to care for eachother, not freedom to screw up the world.

      None of this self-righteous libertarian why-should-I-care-about-you-lemme-keep-my-money-and-my-porn-and-my-pot stuff, argh.

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