A very good sermon


Here is a sermon (actually, a self-counselling manual) about how to tame the desires of the flesh and all that. But it has a far wider implications, and the author makes an extremely good point:

Most “sexual sins” aren’t really, at the root of it, about sex at all. They are about self-pity, self-hatred, revenge, hurting yourself, and being manipulated and used.

The solution to everything (as usual) is forgiveness and love. Especially loving yourself, through God. Morality isn’t really a “Law” like some kind of legal code, a list of rules to be kept, to sort out ‘good’ folks and ‘bad’ folks. That’s all messed up and fundamentally mistaken. What morality really is… is more like the safety manual at a nuclear power plant. It is there to protect us, as we suffer and learn to treasure these sacred mysterious beings, humankind.

(btw, just so you know, nuclear power plants are awesome, they are the cleanest and least exploitative energy source available to us on earth).


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