Stress and Sadness

It is that time of the semester. I should be OK. In ten days. I don’t know why my stress is coming out as sadness. Maybe it’s because I’m doing the Baltic Crusades, yrch. I saw Eisenstein’s Alexander Nievsky years ago, freshman year of undergrad, and I remember the nausea and the heart-pain. I’m more inured this time, and while the medieval chronicles are not quite as bad as the Soviets’ portrayal of wild-eyed monks throwing babies on pyres, but it still hurts.

Gosh, why am I in grad school. It’s not like I don’t have enough disappointment in human nature (my own and my heroes) already…. But it’s OK. There is always Jesus. I’ll get through this semester. There are so many dear people in this world. Spring is coming. 



4 thoughts on “Stress and Sadness

  1. My stress usually comes out as sadness too. We’ll be okay though! We’ll write and cook food and be happy as much as we can. Maybe try to read some happy stories as well as the sad ones?

  2. Thank you Sarah and Katie. I appreciate it so much.

    Yes, I should. I think over Thanksgiving break week I am going to try to re-read LoTR. Let’s see how far I get.

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