Somehow it matters

For the record, whoever wrote Starcraft 1 & Brood Wars… it was dark, but good. And whoever wrote Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty, was…well…is in the same league as Tolkien.

And then the 2013 sequel HoTS (Heart of the Swarm), was… honestly: crap. Off-the-charts unbelievable crap-beyond-crap. On so many levels. Internally inconsistent, not even fitting with the previous Starcraft world, flat and unbelievable characterizations, ridiculous plotholes, so laughably and utterly lame, cliche, happy-clappy, and disgusting.

It was clearly not written by the same person/s.

And now my sisters found Christie Golden’s novels, claiming to be the backstory… more crap.

The question is, who wrote the script for the game play of Wings of Liberty? It couldn’t have been Golden/Metzen…. any more than Justin Bieber could be the author of Bach’s Inventions. So, who did? Probably some uncredited contractors who were shunted aside after WoL was a hit.

How will we find them? Sigh.


One thought on “Somehow it matters

  1. Poor Justin Bieber. I think he could write inventions much better than Christie Golden or Chris Metzen could have written Wings of Liberty.
    Because Justin Bieber (as far as I know) doesn’t hate goodness or music or God or heroism….

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