I Guess I’ll Just Eat Worms

You’ve got to read this post, all the way to the end. Especially the end. This is faith.

charlie's song

I’ve known this post was coming, but it’s one I’ve dreaded writing.  We have received many, many emails from people asking what our specific symptoms are, and what our treatment plan will be.  I know that one of the scariest parts of our story is that it could happen to anyone.  Anytime.  Anywhere.  Because toxic black mold is something you almost never see.  It lurks under the surface, hidden in walls and ceilings, slowly destroying bodies…and eventually lives.  And I know that our story has made other people wonder if they too are unknowingly being poisoned by toxic mold.

We’ve also had many questions about how we ever figured this out in the first place.  I want to answer these questions.  Not because I feel like answering them, because a huge part of me just plain doesn’t.  This is a hard thing for me to write about.  It’s hard to…

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