Later Edit: brief rage and ensuing confusion

Yesterday on April 24 I wrote, this, then cried.

OK, so I’ve completely ignored Game of Thrones because I wrote it off as a steamy rip-off fantasy aping LOTR.

But now that I heard some stuff about it, I’m absolutely livid. Sexual violence (against mothers!) isn’t entertainment. What the hell. It’s damnably evil. If you watch that stuff for fun… What are you trying to do, become an inner perverted rapist?

Where is your humanity?


I have since got the opinion of many good people far more qualified than I, (my reaction is based completely on an off-hand comment on social media), and am having cognitive dissonance.

I’m still trying to sort it out. Maybe it is that I only watch/read things that I enjoy, so to me, viewing something means you enjoy it. But maybe that is not the case for others?

In previous eras, people categorically, ideologically believed in Evil. Satan. Devil. A living active force. Nowadays people don’t so much any more (it’s all traumatized childhoods and misunderstanding and relative moral scales)…. so is that that why are entertainment is so much darker? Is there an inverse relation in a society between  (1) what is rationally believed in and (2) what is expressed in its stories/myths/films? Why do people torture themselves? And how can repeated exposure to deep traumatic ugliness not unravel one’s being? Or is it because I don’t understand literature? Am I still that 8 year old who secretly felt that everything written/told is somehow brought into existence, in a mystical parallel universe, and to speak a word changed the balance of existence? Or am I just a hypersensitive judger? Why does a good story make me want to live, and a bad story make me not want to, when neither actually exist? I’m so confused. I don’t understand it. Sometimes the world doesn’t make sense to me.


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