God’s gonna cut you down: A rant for “Taken”

“What this movie really showcases is something which is taboo in our movie culture, something that a hundred years of Hollywood and countless millions of consumer’s dollars has never produced: that the wrath of God, all his fiery judgement, is personal, just as personal as his love. “

From the Peanut Galleries

I have now both seen and become obsessed with the cult classic action film “Taken” twice now, so kindly bear through with me whilst I rant about this awesome movie. Now before we get started, I would like to mention that this movie is a cult classic with piles and piles of reviews swarming the internet, memes of Liam Neeson’s character, quotes and misquotes floating from Dan to Bersheeba, and people watching and talking about this movie everywhere. Therefore, I’m going to go down a road less traveled and discuss A: the powerful use of imagery and symbolism, and B: what I think the critics are missing when they discuss the unexpected success of Taken as an action movie. (Spoilers and rants of terrible proportion, incoming!)

The movie employs a very powerful mix of imagery and messages that, believe it or don’t, are mostly about how people view God. (Yeah…

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