Something to memorize

This was written by a woman going through much suffering (read her blog here). I think I should memorize this and read it every day.

She said, “I know this is bad and I know this is scary.  And there have been some very bad days.  But whenever you have one of THOSE, you HAVE to stop and tell yourself…


“THIS…is a bad day.  And more are probably coming.  And there will be good days someday.”


By “Someday” she probably meant lower-case “someday”…that shaky someday that mocks my days…the day when toxic mold is not constantly destroying our entire lives.


That’s what she meant by Someday.

But I knew what He meant by Someday.

And I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately…especially on all these bad days.


I hate that my seven-year-old has the weight of the entire world on her fragile little shoulders.  I hate that she has to worry about more babies dying…when all around her, all her little friends are getting fat, healthy baby siblings.  I hate that her childhood has been filled with watching mommy take her daily B12 injections, and Mommy go to doctors, and Mommy cry in pain.  And I hate that I can’t even tell her, “Mommy isn’t going to die sweetie.”


But…can you?

Can any of us, honestly, make such a ridiculous promise to the people most precious in our lives?

No.  Not really.  Much as we wish we could.


And so…I made her the one promise I could keep.  I held her in my arms, as the salt poured down the freckled cheeks that have seen far too many tears for such a short life  And I said,

“Emma, I am not sure of much.  But I am sure of this…


“THIS…is a bad day.  And more are probably coming.  And there will be good days someday.”


And that…is pretty much the only thing I don’t hate about suffering.  That even on the worst days, especially on the worst days, when He’s short on material and only stones can speak of His glory…He speaks to me.  And says the one thing that really matters, the one thing we all need to hear and believe to truly make it through this life…

There will be good days.  Someday.  


And He is worth this long wait.


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