When Rocks Speak

charlie's song

Every morning, I wake up inches from someone’s tiny face.  Most days, it’s to Fred’s impossibly long lashes and delectable cheeks.  And it’s usually accompanied by some super important announcement.  Like this morning, when Freddo announced in his cheery stage whisper, “Mommy!  I found a new freckle behind Sophie’s ear!  I found it while she was sleeping!”

And that’s how I begin my days.

On one hand, I’m so incredibly thankful for the three alarm clocks that God has kept in our lives, who bring so very much sunshine to our dark days.  On the other hand, mornings are still really hard for me.

Especially in the deepest throes of grief…waking was the most painful moment of every day.  Waking up and having to remember all over again, day after day, that all of it…every horrific moment of the last two years of life…actually happened to our family.

There have been so many…

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