Writing About Avatar…

After my previous rants and JEDP posts, I’m finally processing the part of Avatar the Last Airbender that is the most fun: I’m writing about everything I love about ATLAB, analyzing the heck out of it. As my kid brother put it, “when you really love a story, it’s like a car…. you just want to take apart every piece, figure out how it works, and then put it back together.”

So now I’m analyzing everything I love about it–the characters, the character arcs, the messages behind it, the historical allusions… It’s crazy fun.

Also, I’m tweaking Season Three… that is, it doesn’t so much feel like I’m changing it, as pointing out what it really was, deep underneath. The short version is that the katang thing got in the way of fleshing out Aang maturing character arc over season 3. It was still there, all of it was still there, just not as fleshed out as it could have been…

I’ll be posting soon. In the meantime, here’s a treat:10343683_10101280478203217_8749467122566214489_n

You are welcome.


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