Thinking about stuff

I was crying over something. How in every generation, there are people who try very hard, to make a better world, or preserve what is good in it already. There is always going to be failure, and miscomprehension by later people, and a good deal of well-intentioned pain.

It is so weird, looking back and realizing how each generation (and the people we loved/knew in them) really do belong to their generation. I think there is something to the idea of “zeitgeist”.

I think that is why, in such broken attempts, I try to study history or read literature. You are trying to somehow, hold on to something, or remember something, that was precious and painful before another generation of people who have passed are forgotten. And they’ve given us this world and our genes, and we try too, each in our own way, and sometimes things are lost, and sometimes things are found, and it is never easy.

You know? God must have thought that they were worth it too. He’s let human history run this far. There is a value to all of this, even the stuff that goes up in smoke or into landfills or mass graves.

I don’t think any of it will be wasted. Not any of it.



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