Thank you

Someone must be praying for me right now (and last night too). I feel it. Whoever it is, thank you.

Right now is one of those moments when… the world seems very large. And the pain of marred beauty doesn’t erase the beauty, all the same. And I feel so loved right now, by God. And better still, I feel that He loves all those that I love, too. And that I can trust him with everyone I love.

There is so much pain in this world, but so much beauty (twisted or unmarred) too. I can’t sort it all out most of the time. But God will take care of all of us. I feel so beloved right now, gently and steadily beloved, the way a newborn is loved as it fitfully sleeps on its father’s ribcage as he rocks the rocking chair at 3 a.m.

Prayer doesn’t make sense from a strictly logical monotheist point of view. Why should our words spoken alone and at a distance (in space or time) affect another? But it does. Maybe it is because love is a current, not an object, and it must flow from person to person to God and back again, to be alive at all.

I was having a rough time earlier this week due to PMS, but now is like a peace. I feel beloved, by God and friends and family. You hem me in, before and behind, with things too wonderful for me. I’m sure there is a brain chemical component to this too, though I guess that too is part of this created world, spirit, word, and chemical, all jumbled together in equal measure.


One thought on “Thank you

  1. Hmm…it’s probably someone else. BUT–I did fast and pray that day (and I did pray for you), so I’m going to take some credit, namely to convince you into doing the same. Fasting works. voila, Crusader

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