On Guilt-tripping Grownups

Shake me by the shoulders

and shout in my face.

Tell me I’m better than this

worth it (going to hell and back for).


Berate me, preach me, baptize me and brace me

Give me your fury, anger, jealous love, and condemnation.

Tell me I can climb the stars. Now move!

Demand it.


But don’t give me your contempt.

(Curling lip, distaste).

Quiet whispers in the hall.

Raised eyebrow and “Did she really?




And “if you just wouldn’t make me so disappointed in you”

(Sigh, faraway look in the eye, sit quietly now)

Maybe if you are good… sit still now, no squirming in the seats!

I will love you if…

Who would sell the universe for that?


With your gentle maxims and your philanthropy

your gradations and conditions

(so noble noble noble)….

(noble noble noble noble…)

Keep your precious charity, handout, it’s all the same

Don’t you dare

to cheat us sinners

of our dear

furious god

Who spits mud and sweats blood

Furious with unconditional love


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