The things that matter most

I haven’t been blogging lately, as you can see — mostly reposting other people’s blogs or quotes. It isn’t that alot hasn’t been on my mind — because alot has — but because of the intensely personal/controversial nature of it.

Rival religions (especially Islam and ISIS right now), sexual mores (porn, marriage, contemporary western sexual culture, homosexuality), racism (inner city violence, police clashes, etc)…. all of it is kinda hot-button issues in a major way. And all of them touch on intensely personal things.

Maybe I’ll have the guts to start writing about it. Though often in the most personal things (that feel the truest), one has to be the most vague. First of all, there is only so much of your own information you want to spill all over the internet. My great-grandmother, a pious wife of a Calvinist minister, kept her secret for decades, only telling her daughter at the very end of her own life about a vivid vision of Christ’s crucifixion she had had as a young woman: “I didn’t want you to think I was crazy,” she explained. The most important things in our life our often the things we can’t say, even to our kin. Spilling our own secrets affect others, and in addition to that, spilling other people’s confidences do too. If I believe XYZ for reasons A, B, C, D, E…. and they all involve confidential things that happened to people close to me… I can’t exactly spill it on the internet, or even in conversation with other friends.

In other words, the biggest reasons for what I believe are personal, and precisely because they are, I can’t be as forthright about it as I wish. Maybe I will write about stuff. Maybe I won’t.


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