For the sake of a kid you’ve never met

Quit porn. Quit erotica. Quit all of it.

I know boys who get flak from their peers for being against porn. And the whole fifty shades craze among girls too. Wake up. What we do alone matters. It matters like hell. I’m not talking about your soul, but the soul of a kid 100 years from now.

Sexual culture is not a “private” thing. It never was. It inevitably affects everyone in society– especially the vulnerable and the weak and the hurting. What is considered a private indulgence will end up creating an abusive society, and who knows of the future generations that will suffer because of it. For human’s sake, we must stop this. No single water droplet blames itself for the flood–yes we might each be just a droplet, but every droplet matters to make up the flood.


Let’s close our eyes and think of  a kid in 2115 will be affected for better or for worse by the culture we create today in 2015. Think about that kid.


And seriously, sexual culture influences everything, and I mean everything, else.

How many fathers feel distant from their children because they are watching girls the same age as their daughters do horrifying and degrading things and have those things done to them? How many husbands feel disconnected from their wives because they’ve watched thousands of air-brushed, naked women pass before their eyes from the screen of their computer?

Pornography isn’t just destroying marriages and relationships. It’s rewiring our brains to create hypersexual people incapable of enjoying many of the simple joys in family life.

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