An eternal river

Love is never a 2-person process. It is always involving 3 persons: Person #1, person #2, and God himself. When we “love” a person, we are (however imperfectly and and however flawed) channelling God’s love for that person through us.

Even when we don’t realize that is what we are doing, we still are doing that.

To put it another way, every human being in existence is a specific, intentional, and personal act of God almighty. So of course, there is an individual love for each of us, like an ancient and eternal current, a river flowing from God himself to each individual human being. And when we, as a human, love another human being, we are “stepping into that river”, channelling the waters flowing from the throne of God to that person.

I guess that sounds theoretical and high falutin’. But it’s true. It all comes back to this: he makes every single human being. The Holy Spirit is the “Giver of Life”, it was not just Mary’s womb that he overshadowed, but every single womb that conceives. He is involved in every conception, and it is also God himself who breathes life into every single specific human person. The image of God. It is ALWAYS personal. It is never some broad generality. It is ALWAYS specific.

Love is not a gas cloud, it is not something impersonal or non-specific, it is no ideal, no impersonal platonic ideal. No, it is an eternal breath, eternal as it is personal, a mighty river (white-crested) rushing towards a specific human being. He formed every one of us as a fetus, he knows our every breath and brain synapse, it was in his hands.

Yes, when we step into that river, we channel it imperfectly, we can muddy the waters, and end up dripping wet, muddy, and bitter, huddled on the riverbank. But it was and is and shall be. It is no small thing, no trivial thing. Because human persons are never trivial, no matter how they mar and maul and blaspheme themselves. God still loves, and he will make good on all our broken promises to eachother. God will come, and God will love, and God will save.

Because God was in us, in that moment when we loved, and He was and is and will be, through the end of all times.


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