Welcome to the Era of Progressive Niceness


So they harassed them out of business AND then slapped them with a 135,000 personal fine. This is what “diversity & respect & inclusivity” looks like, folks. So we disagree with them, and they feel “mentally raped”? It’s called freedom of religion = people disagree with you…. if you want to live in an inquisition society where there is One Right Mindset and everyone else has no right to live or have a home, but hooray, because only Nice People have rights…. Gosh. I saw it in the Episcopalian church back in the ’90s and early 2000s, when the bishops and priestesses of progressivism defrocked conservative priests and ran them (with their small children!) out of their homes, for the sake of “inclusivity”, because aforementioned conservative priests clearly didn’t deserve to have a roof over their head for not accepting women’s ordination. The progressive folks were downright brutish and spiteful to the families. And it’s the same mentality here. But they are so self-righteous in their cruelty, because they are the self-appointed Nice Folks….


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