vocab help needed

In need of help. I’m using the word “traditionalist patriarchy” to denote the gender relations / power dynamic characterized by (1) sexual shame/honor of female (which is irreparable w/o death/killing), (2) burden disparately on the female with rigorous double-standard, (3) extended family is prioritized over nuclear family (4) entrenched gender roles with subservient wife and macho/domineering male, which is the way of things in the vast majority of premodern societies all around the world. HOWEVER, I think “patriarchy” is a misnomer, as the privileged bond in such societies tends to be the mother-(adult)son bond (with wife/daughter-in-law in lower tier), so “patriarchy” –which has “father” as the root, doesn’t give any explanatory power.

And “chauvinism” is too broad and sounds automatically pejorative….

Any other words/terms that would work better?


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