American Ideas About Sexual Love

Americans nowadays (and I’m as guilty as any) tend to make committed-sexual-love into the be all and end all.

It used to be “this-is-sad-but-heaven-will-make-things-better”, and now it is “this-is-sad-but-romantic-love-makes-things-better. The End (see the end of Interstellar to see what I mean).

It has really soaked into my brain too, and it is a lie. Like all lies, it causes so much damage.

The point of your life is not a ‘romantic relationship’ to make you complete. You crave something, yes, something committed and vulnerable and sacred, a relationship, to make you complete. And that is God. We were made for God. Not for anyone else. Other relationships are just spin-offs of the real thing. And a relationship can be beautiful, as it is a copy of the real thing. But like all copies, it should never become a replacement for the real thing. You were made for God. Ask him.


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