I don’t like what I’m becoming

Sigh. I need chocolate.

I do not want to become cynical. It is better to be a fool and love a sham than to be jaded and despise a holy man. My bright-eyed students wearing their hijabs have far more beauty in them than my snarking attempt-to-be-urbane lectures. O God I hate Academia, I hate what I am becoming. May God judge us all and carry the heartbroken idealistic children in His arms. May they hear the beating of his heart. To them belong the Kingdom of God.


3 thoughts on “I don’t like what I’m becoming

  1. The day you become truly cynical is the day I become . . . well . . . a stand-up comedian or reality TV star or something.

    I just think there’s a difference between giving vent to jaded moments brought on by academia, and being corrupted to the core. If the latter were even close to become true of you, then I’m not sure you’d even recognize it happening. I just don’t see it happening.

    However, I agree that you need chocolate. ALWAYS chocolate.

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