Judge ideas, not people

We have to do our best to figure out what is right and wrong on this earth, to do what what we think is right (according to our own conscience), and to defend the defenseless, and to not screw over other people. That all involves judging what is right and what is wrong.

However, it is not our job to judge people. Yes, we have to (with fear and trembling and much thought) judge ideas, judge actions, judge social structures and cultures. But for God’s sake, do not judge people. They have a judge, and that judge is God. He sees the anguish of their heart at 2 in the morning. He knows the secret thoughts that they will never utter aloud. From eternity, he knows their vulnerable childhood and the final situation they will be in (happy or lonely or miserable) when they rasp their last breath. He sees the whole person. But you who do not know them, truly and fully and completely and intimately know them, who are you to judge? He knows far better than you. Leave it to Him.

Judge ideas, judge acts, judge cultures, but do not judge people.


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