Jesus and heartbreak

Have been rather low recently.

It feels kinda like heartbreak though not quite as dramatic, though more universal. I’ve been dumbfounded at the conservative collapse to Trumpism. Now of all times, when all is hanging in the balance, when the East is suffering horribly and the West is decaying horribly, at such a time as this–at such a dark hour as this, when a miracle is desperately needed… Just when we are supposed to be repenting, calling out to God, and depending on Him and lifting high the banner…. This? Oh God. A year ago if you’d have told me what is happening now, I would have sworn this was some poorly-written liberal satire that could never happen because “conservatives aren’t really like that, I’m one of them, i know”.

Well, I feel though I’ve just lost my own people. I lost my church as a teenager, in ghastly stages, the last bit rather uglily. Now I’ve lost my conservative party as well. Very disorienting to lose your group, where you “belong”. It’s just my family left. And Jesus.

He is beautiful.

Even if all human fathers fail, He is father. And if men become selfish and petty and abusive, He is a man. And lovers become faithless, He is true. We become hypocrites, His holiness burns bright and unfading, to face us at the judgement at the end of time. We can ruin what He gave us, but He still is. We distort ourselves, and become less and less of who we were, we spit on the icon that is ourself (made in His image), but He will remain.

And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace


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