Star Wars Rebels Season Two

Star Wars Rebels Season Two just finished.

So first ISIS, then Trump. And some personal stuff. I figured I needed a break from reality for awhile. So my plan? Forget about life and reality, and ensconce myself in a happier world of TV Shows for Kids.

Alas, Star Wars Rebels finished off season two with a pretty murkily-dark season finale. Characters getting all messed up and morality getting ambiguous. It’s trying to be deep of course, but it was rather sloppily done. There was alot of shoehorning developed characters into pre-ordained plot arcs. I get it, they want something Epic and Deep.

It’s kind of funny I’m grieving over it. Seriously, I’ll be turning 28 and this is what I get for pouring my emotions into a virtual reality designed for 8 year olds. ;-P


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