Do something now

Look God, come and do a miracle. A big one. Heal someone. Put back together a broken family. Change somebody’s heart. Take the pain someone has been carrying for years, and carry it for them.

Do miracles God. You told us to care about this world and it hurts too much. We’ve tried so damn hard and we’ve failed. You’d better come and fix it. Carry it, God, carry all the broken promises and the sins and suffering of the world.

I’ve waffled and hemmed and hawed, I’ve apologized for you, and I’ve doubted you alot. OK, I haven’t been as loyal or steadfast as I wish I was. Carry that too. I want to be your bratty child. Actually, I am your bratty child. I know it’s true.

So come and fix it God. Because you are God. Do something now.


One thought on “Do something now

  1. Thanks for writing this post. I’m praying for a miracle for my father’s cancer. But even if God doesn’t do miracles, He always gives hope and a promise that there’s something better than this fallen world. Hope is something that no one can take away unless you let them.

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