Feeling very hopeful about America

Recently I talked face-to-face with someone who supported Trump. It made me realize I had been a bit hysterical before. And very judgey, in a snobby kind of way. I’m sorry. That is, I still think Trump is a terrible man who would make an absolutely terrible Commander in Chief, but I think many of the Americans who support him are good, intelligent, thoughtful, decent human beings whom I would completely trust on a personal level during a zombie apocalypse.

(The same goes for some Hilary supporters I know too.)

America is going to hit some rough spots, there is probably going to be a cultural collapse at some point (maybe economic and governmental too). It will be ugly and it will be painful, but we are going to pull through this. Because it will never be the end of America, as long as there are good Americans.

And there are.




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