Re-assessing the fallout 2016

Trigger Warning: this post mentions traditional Christian ideas about sex

This last year was a bit of a bumpy ride for me ideologically.  So first of all, yes, I’m fully aware I have tendencies towards melodramatic mood swings, and what my counselor called “black-and-white, all-or-nothing thinking.”

But even just riding this one out, letting the months go by and the dust clear, this time my feelings were accurate.


So, this is 2016. Things that have changed since circa 2001:

(1) We (American evangelical Christians) lost the culture war. We really lost the culture war. In a big way.

(2) We lost our own people too. They’ve either gone hipster (basically, ex-evangelical-Christians who’ve lost their faith but not their self-righteousness) or Trumpist (too much pain here). And no, Trump is not an “extremist”. He is not even a conservative. Gosh-darn-it, I’m the extremist. Trump is (1) big government, (2) amoral (no traditional values), (3) isolationist. We used to call all those things liberal. Except he’s foul-mouthed and punkish. So people think he is conservative because “he isn’t politically correct.” Well, neither was Genghis Khan. That doesn’t make him a conservative.

(3) The Grand Experiment To Reinvent Sex has arrived, going from fringe, to mainstream, to now institutionalized and enforced. It is getting the kids, and eating them alive. There is going to be a horrendous amount of human suffering, as the West tortures its young and impressionable in its quest to alleviate the very suffering it creates. This began with the Sexual Revolution in the ’60s and is now melting down in crazed hyper-sexuality and millions of abortions and broken families and traumatized kids and shamed victims and suicidal pain and now the human experiments of LGBTQIA+++++ . . . It’s all the same thing, destroying one ancient safeguard after another. This revolution will not be satiated until it has attempted to erase all the cautionary wisdom of old wives’ tales and the faith of our fathers and even our genome itself, those ancient laws written in our blood that we transgress only to our own bitter sorrow.

Because, as a line from this ancient Hebrew poem, a thousands of years old:

In the image of God he created them, male and female he created them.

But they are getting rid of all that now, running ram-shod over ancient warnings like the eldest son in a fairy tale.

It’s not the adults who will suffer the most. It is the kids who will. They will pay for it, as they have been paying for it in our broken American homes and confused sex lives, and will pay for it more and more steeply with each new progressive advance. How many generations will suffer before we stop this ghastly experiment to Venus and Hathor, as she fills the earth with innocent blood and tormented survivors burdened down by crimes they were never meant to bear?

This is exactly why we rightwingers tried to fight the culture war, to stop this inevitable progressive advance.

The world knows we have failed. Yes, we have. Certainly failed.

The world thinks our day is done. Probably. It appears to be a fast collapse from here.

And the world thinks we are judgmental and arrogant. No, we just don’t like watching you eat your own arm, chomping away like a dedicated zombie, though you twitch from the pain. You are really a person, a child of the gods, full of more beauty in your soul than you ever knew. If only you knew who you truly were.

Even your selfish screams are dearly beautiful, like a two-month-old baby demanding milk at 4 a.m.  Let Him carry you close to his heart. Give him all your Babels, your desires, your fantasies, and your traumas. The one who made every neuron in your head and every cell in your heart knows you better than you will ever know yourself. Just let Him carry you.

Just let Him in.



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