Wading out a bit

OK, so this morning I read an article that made me think a bit. I feel a tad responsible for the Trump thing because I’m one of those conservatives that was trying the let’s-slightly-cater-to-liberal-elite-ideology-while-gently-explaining-our-views approach to the leftist establishment, when the working class just up and quit, and are rooting for the reactionary candidate, Trump. This isn’t about conservative principles (1. limited government, 2. traditional social values, 3. save-the-world interventionist foreign policy ) any more. This is about just being anti-liberal.

Why be anti-liberal? Well, people are scared, and frustrated, and now angry. We’ve shut them up for too long. I know Political Correctness means well, but I am starting to think it creates Nazism. By silencing any expressions of genuine racial tension, (and also genuine gender tension) for a specific group of people, it creates a repressed backlash. And the decades of built-up frustration, when finally released, are not pretty.  Because resentment makes otherwise-decent-people ugly.

Look, we can’t dismiss their fears and their wrongs too. Politically-correct censorship has just led to greater problems.

I’m guilty of this too. I’ve self-censored SO MUCH myself. There are things I won’t even think, hypotheses I won’t consider, black holes in my brain where I’ll say to myself “but that can’t be true because it could be fascist” or “racially insensitive” or “sounds mean” or “will make me look bad.” But then….O God…what if this is the beginning of the backlash? What if, after all the nation-shaming and political-correctness, we get another wave of strident fascism, as defensive as it is insecure? If decades of automatic-intellectual-censorship has created this backlash, we need to stem the tide now. We need to start speaking the un-allowed thoughts, before the next Mussolini or Hitler is “the only option”.

Normally, when I’m clicking randomly links through the blogosphere, I automatically click off of “dangerous” links that might brand me a Nazi or get me on some NSA watchlist. Today I actually read them. And what is more, I’m going to link them here so you can read them too. [So, yeah, trigger warning and all.]

A critique of social justice activists’ racial assumptions: https://zombiemeditations.com/2016/04/28/calling-for-alliance/

The plight of men (falsely accused of rape): http://slatestarcodex.com/2014/02/17/lies-damned-lies-and-social-media-part-5-of-%E2%88%9E/

On race and crime in America: https://zombiemeditations.com/2015/05/02/profiling/

Feminist manipulation of statistics: https://zombiemeditations.com/2015/04/30/conversations-with-feminists/

I’m not sure if I agree with these links. But I should read what they have to say. Because some men do have legitimate grievances from women, and not everything that is labelled as ‘pro-minority’ is actually helping them. When we automatically jump to the politically correct side (for the women! and minorities!) we might do violence to Truth. And without Truth, there is no solution, no healing, no dignity. Perhaps this PC-championing of “their” cause is what is really destroying them.

Unquestioning political correctness, if it ignores truth and twists statistics, will only breed reaction and hate and make it worse for everyone.




One thought on “Wading out a bit

  1. Hey there! I just wanted to say that seeing my posts included in the way that you referred to them here really means a lot to me, because your comments tell me that my methods of approaching these topics have been reasonably effective: my goal all along has been to take sensitive issues like these and carve out a niche where I can try to be a calm and measured voice that can reach people who are usually inherently turned off by the way that other people—whose points, for better or worse, I find are ultimately correct—approach them, even if that won’t grant me quite as much popularity as the gaudiness of Milo; the crudeness of Trump; or the inherent glee in putting others down that is sometimes present in parts of the alternative right (though that’s not to say that I’m not also interested in crossing over into some of these other groups at times as well). As someone who came into “conservative” views by being disaffected from the Left over time rather than being “born into them” (so to speak), I’d like to think that I’m in a unique position to take on that role (but also to recognize its importance—the thought of some of the people I used to know gaining political power or becoming the main demographic of a county terrifies me).

    In any case: cheers from the “dangerous” guy who “might get you on the NSA watchlist” ironically for citing government data 😉

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