The boy who cried

The liberals are the little boy who called wolf. For years, leftists have been calling any conservative patriotic person a fascist bully. They called George W. Bush that all the time. He wasn’t, but that didn’t help him any. The shriller the rhetoric, the more it won. And for the most part, conservative leaders rolled belly up. The regular folks get frustrated. Then Trump shows up, and he is a bully with fascist tendencies. And now—there really is a wolf—but who will listen now?

In some ways the whole thing is like a Greek Tragedy. Utopian Leftism, with its vigilant mental censorship and intellectual condescension to the lower working classes, ends up creating the very fascist reactionaries it decries. You can only silence and mock people for so long.

And if you automatically call people fascist haters 100 times, the 101st time they might believe you. I think it is the same reason Chinese businessmen are poisoning babies to make a quick buck on fake baby formula. These are three generations of Chinese kids who were raised on communist propaganda that told them that all businessmen were soul-less capitalists with categorically no morals. So then, when they finally become a businessman…guess what?

The same goes for the warrior ethos. If you say there is no morality in war, no honor in combat, that any man with a gun is as good as a baby killer….then guess what happens?

If you say all patriotism is the equivalent of Nazism and brutality and that our fathers and forebearers were all brutal jingoists, and that we have no name to be proud of and no honor to maintain…then guess what happens?

Yes, you have convinced them, and look at them now.  Waging your war on religion and on patriotism and on chivalry  was the biggest mistake you ever made.

Welcome to your new world of fascist reaction, void of religious scruples and starry-eyed patriotic idealism that wanted to save the world. Those things were the safeguards. And now its all falling like a house of cards and a world on fire.


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