Coffee thoughts: a pagan’s faith

“Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time.” — Oswald Chambers


“Humans…by nature’s deep design  and purpose, are created for one another. They are meant to help those who deserve help and in no way harm one another. He who shrugs off the will of nature sins against the oldest of the Gods. He who tells lies sins against the same God. … Truth is just another name of nature, the first cause of all that is.”  — Marcus Aurelius


Here thousands of years ago, a grumpy pagan emperor (God rest his soul) had confidence in the character of God. He held on to what I sometimes struggle to hold on to: that the true God, the “oldest of the Gods” is all goodness. That he is a God who demands much of us: (1) to do good to one another, and (2) to cling to the truth.

The father behind all fathers. He stands behind every shadow and corner, calling our name.

And he is Holy and Just and True, burning us with his steadfast love.


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