my mom <3

I always post when I’m head up about something, so I figured I should post when I’m happy.

I’m just realizing now how much I took my mom for granted. She’s a lovely person, and an awesome mom. She’s quirky, and earnest, and a tad over-dramatic about everything (sorrow and joy). It used to annoy me.

I visited home last weekend — and she danced (in a little hop-skip-jumping) way when I walked in the door, just because she was pleased to see me. She has done that all my life as far back as I remember (e.g. when I was 3 and she would come home from grocery shopping, and see me). And now I’m 28 and she hasn’t changed that a bit. She never did. I always took it for granted. I smile when I think of it now.

She’s a good mom. ❤


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