Yes I’m bitter (part 2)

Part one is here. Now, back to politics, I was so sure Hillary would win in a landslide. Every die-hard social conservative I knew couldn’t vote for Trump, and yes, it was very painful. We are the ones who never give up on a struggle, who stand outside of abortion clinics trying to talk people out of it up to the last minute, who try to fight to the last man, who backed Bush to the bitter end, who madly campaigned for Santorum, who complained but went out and voted for McCain and Romney, and here we couldn’t. Some of us cast a purely protest vote for Gary Johnson (despite his social liberalness). Most of us wrote in random candidates–McMullin, Ted Cruz, or sadly wrote-in “Nobody” for the top of the ticket. Some of us were so demoralized that we didn’t even vote at all. No, we did not want Hillary to be president. No, we were in deep mourning for our country. But, as my 90 year old Calvinist grandmother wrote on her ballot, “I refuse to vote for anyone who has made his money in gambling and prostitution.”

We had to draw the line at kinda-pimps. We have a God in heaven, and this was a fight over the soul of the Republican Party. Because how could we save America’s soul if we could not even keep our own?

Yes, it was quite painful, I hated myself for giving America to Hillary and the progressives. We didn’t want to at all. But we thought we had no choice.

So of course I thought Hillary would win. I was bracing myself for a progressive regime and persecution without, while bitter recriminations would fly within. I was preparing for the civil war within the Republican party. I was praying the Trumpists would forgive us NeverTrumpers and calm down, and then we’d repent, regroup, and come back to fight again in 2020.

And now, Trump won. I’ve been laughing alot, in a hysterical way. Note:

1. The Republican Party, as we knew it, is dead. If Trump sticks with Bannon, then the alt-right have seized control of the party. (If you don’t know who the “alt-right” are, google “Milo Yiannopoulos”)

2. Social Conservatives are no longer at the helm of the Republican Party, as they were under Reagan and especially George W Bush. And apparently they can win without us.


3. Who did this? The Liberals. Here is one of their own intense liberals, pointing this out.

And look at the bitter irony of it all.

In 2012, the liberals trashed the soft-spoken Romney as a misogynist — nevermind he was a family man, a decent man, and a political moderate (in fact, more moderate than I wanted). They trashed him and spun this false narrative of “the war on women” just because he wasn’t going to force some people to buy other people abortifacient pills.

And now we have a “locker room” talking President.

In 2008, the liberals trashed Palin. They hired strippers to impersonate her, and (in the New York Times no less!) ran a photograph of a stripper dressed in an American Flag bikini, pretending to be Palin. They called her all kinds of sexual things on my Ivy League enlightened campus. Oh, and the women didn’t mind at all, because (like me) she was a conservative, and so (like me) they could call her sexual slurs.

And now they have a pornographer in the white house. Who employed desperate foreign women. Who bragged about “grabbing pussy”.

And so I laugh hysterically and bitterly. Because you liberals did this.

Who glamorized the sex-trade, removing “stigma” in the name of human rights, to minimize the enormity of sexual exploitation and make pimps  respectable men? Who trashed old-school heroism and wholesome patriotism as ‘paternalism’ and ‘fascism’, so that the only acceptable cultural constructs left are a twisted-victimhood-revelling and naked-self-interest…with nothing left in between? (And you really thought, that backed against a wall, bashed and bashed again by your high and mighty rhetoric, they wouldn’t resort to the latter?)  And most of all, who made a laughing stock out of feminism, so that the ordinary bloke on the street smells the hypocrisy and loathes it all — trashing the good with the bad?

You did this.

You did this.

You’ve won your sexual revolution. Congratulations.


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