To anti-Trump protesters out there (and you have my sympathy):

  1. Stop talking about how everyone else is “hateful” and an “idiot” except for you and your elite “smart” friends who are apparently the only decent human beings in the universe. It was your condescension and arrogance and bullying for the last ten years that has got us into this mess in the first place.
  2. Stop throwing American flags on the ground and burning them, and making glam instagram-style pics of the event. Trust me, you are just alienating yourself further. For the rest of us Americans, that is  for us the emotional equivalent of throwing Qur’ans in the toilet — y’know,  rumors of that caused riots & stuff among Muslims a few years back, and people died. And while your fellow Americans might not riot when they see you doing that, we do feel like we want to
  3. Sometimes (trust me) telling people “I believe in you and you are better than this” might actually be the best way forward. It also helps if you mean it.

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