How do you honor the True and the Good and the Beautiful, without hurting those who fall short? How do you honor fidelity, without offending those who did not? How do you build faith on the ruins of a broken one? How do you make a vow true, which is the violation of a former vow?

I wanted to write on fidelitas. Steadfastness. I’ve spent years in this graduate program reading old manuscripts, to see if the past, in its old poetry, had any salve to cure the urban jungle of the 21st. But if all I’m doing is pointing fingers, what is the point of any of it?

But then, to not point fingers, we must say that the state of things now is the best that will ever be. That the true and the good are inconsequential illusions, constructs cobbled together that are not worth the sacrifice of one person’s pain.

OK. But then — what is the point of any of it?


One thought on “How?

  1. I’ve been puzzling over this for awhile now. If you look in John 4 with the Samaritan woman at the well it seems like Jesus was condoning the fact that she has had 5 husbands? Fast forward to John 8 with the woman caught in adultery, Jesus says he doesn’t condemn her either but to go and sin no more. Maybe you can puzzle out exactly what Jesus did with me?

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