Sad Good Movie: Conspiracy, 2001

I watched a movie last night that was very well done. It was rather painful, in a very non-melodramatic way. You see a dozen men in a room, politicking and networking their way through a dinner party. By the end the three men with integrity have been tested, threatened, strained, and broken. It all happens around a table, with mahogany and crystal and salmon.

I can’t recommend it enough. I think it does a good job showing the best and worst in people. You see the courage of the men before they crack, all hemmed in by Babel and its darkness. Something about this movie reminded me of Paul Scofield’s A Man for all Seasons. It’s a small story of a human conscience. 

Every twenty-year old in the country should be required to watch this. It is about when society goes bad, when our civilization erases our humanity, and you are called to the test. This one is sad: they strain and they crack. And yet, you see their struggle. And you find yourself praying that, at the end of time, they will be forgiven for the evil that they have done.

And their surrender to evil does not seem inevitable. As you watch the dinner party, you keep thinking, perhaps it could have gone another way. They had something, before they went belly up. But it isn’t despairing, Because we have their inheritance, the good and the bad. And every generation falls like a new layer of fresh white snow.

Go watch it. It’s free on Amazon Prime, or only $7 to buy.

Conspiracy, 2001.

Conspiracy, 2001.

It is a sad movie, but it’s neither melodramatic nor nihilistic. You can watch it here: 


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