This is hilarious and perfect

What I love about it:

(1) his wife is dramatic and asian (Korean?), just like mine
(2) the kids are clearly happy and enjoying themselves
(3) the dad is working from home, closer to his kids. Either this is because he wants to be near them, or his career isn’t doing well but he is still trying. Either way it shows alot of chutzpah.
It is just so perfectly funny and sweet, with him solemnly and earnestly talking about democracy and bam, in walks his hyper little little half-and-halfer kid who is too young to be solemn about impeachments and scandals. Instead she dances about, glad to be alive and in her dad’s office.
Sigh. I want to find a man like that.
Here is the whole interview:

One thought on “This is hilarious and perfect

  1. He seems like a very successful guy! He’s published in illustrious journals and regularly does TV interviews. So apparently he just likes working from home and hanging out with his kids. 🙂

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