No More Purple

Last night I stayed up on instagram, stalking other people’s babies by scrolling through hashtags like #ilovemyfamily and #siblinglove. The best were beaming little kids from southeast asia. Apparently they are on instagram. And then, painfully sweet, there was this biracial teen couple, married with a baby — I think they were American (major fans of RWBY, no less). I hope it works for them. It’s such a cynical time to be alive, may God be with them.

I pray the young and innocent will save the world. Maybe, like the child in the fairytale, they will stumble over the fairy bridge (with heaps of dry bones in the canyon below), blithely avoiding every pitfall and loose stone by some miracle. It would take a miracle too, for any young love to survive faithfully, considering current statistical trends. I’m turning 29 this week and I feel so old and cynical.

On more glum news–it is as we all knew already: Purple America is disappearing

This is a paradigm shift of sorts. This is why people hate each other so much right now. After all, how can you love who you don’t understand, and how can you understand what you don’t know?


One thought on “No More Purple

  1. On second thought… why am I assuming that hatred stems from ignorance? That is awfully naive to assume. Maybe hate stems from knowledge. Maybe this pursuit-of-knowledge-thing-will-lead-to-people-all-getting-along-better is all BS. :-/

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