Rage in the afternoon

I was walking down the street and ran into this “community watch alert”:


I should probably add that the only reason it was torn was because I tried to peal it off unsuccessfully.


Is police brutality something that should be carefully monitored? Yes. But this is an anarchic attack on the concept of police itself. This sign is literally a third of a mile away from where I was when I phoned the police after hearing someone in the dark park screaming “no” at the top of their lungs about 50 times. It sounded like a sexual assault. I ran like hell till i was safely out and then phoned 911. The dispatcher sent out a policeman immediately, minutes later I was safely in my friends’ apartment, on the phone talking to a policeman as he walked  through the dark park with a gun.

In that moment, I couldn’t have loved him more if he was my own brother.

This hippie-hipster revolt against power-as-protector is intrinsically disordered. They insist all power is bad… as if shallow indignant hatred, the yapping of the protesters, is what holds back violent chaos.

There must be a place for the protector in society. Peace cannot exist without it. And yup, it’s usually male and has a gun. But the universe isn’t by default a safe space, and we should not attack the ones who make it safe for us. We might even think about thanking them.



One thought on “Rage in the afternoon

  1. So glad you are ok! Maybe it’s because my concept of police is more like those in the Sherwood film Courageous where they portray both good and bad policemen. I think people worry about corruption by power. The police does have a lot of power and when they go corrupt it may mean corruption has happened in the higher hierarchy of government and then there’s not a higher power to go to and you lose trust in who you can appeal to protect the weak/masses. Probably without the trust you get anarchy when people take it to their own hand for protection and order. *sigh* think I just made myself really depressed.

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