To Margaret Atwood et. al.

I just saw an ad for The Handmaid’s Tale and looked it up.

I was vaguely aware it was something assigned to large swathes of public schooled kids, but I never expected something that…yrch.

First, I feel nauseous. Second, I feel furious. How dare you take the symbols of the Puritanism and the word of God, and twist it so. You sick puppy.

I believe in women’s rights but I’m ashamed to be called a feminist because of the likes of You, who sit around fantasizing about rapist men so you can enjoy feeling hateful and heroic.

You who created the campus rape culture, when you tore down all traditional propriety, and now gleefully rejoice in all the sexual carnage as you raise your new damaged generations of hurt girls who can hate on God and fatherhood and men.

So you made this mess. And of course you don’t raise a finger to fight real humans’ rights abuse around the world.

Margaret Atwood and all her ilk, I am damn sick of you. You shame women beyond anything a chauvinist could have come up with. You have defiled the word feminist. You’ve made men into pigs.  Enjoy your paradise, because we both know this is exactly what you want.


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