Understanding the World I am in Now

I tend to get on my high horse alot.

Whether or not Trump is impeached, his presidency has illuminated a large swath of society that feels very put upon. I’m talking about working males, ages 18-45. They tend to be wage-earners (blue collar) or nerds and unemployed.

They feel that “feminists” are out to get them, and if chat forum comment threads are any indication, they hate preachy social conservatives girls like me just as much as the feminist crowd. In fact 1st/2nd wave feminists have quite a lot in common with traditional Christian mores (don’t sexualize the women! Public sexualization is degrading! not calling the morning after is evil! etc etc).

If you want to see them all pissed off read the comments to this video. Here is the perfect amalgamation of 2nd Wave Feminism + Social Conservative Mores that infuriate them all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR9FHKKbMZo

It’s as clunky as it is old-fashioned. She’s a 2nd wave, and yes, she’ll be roasted by current 3rd wave feminists and insulted men alike.

While I wince at her blunt word choice…I confess she does speak out much of my own gut inclinations on many things. And I’m embarrassed to admit it, but it is true.

Now…. look at this odd opensource scifi film short: http://nofilmschool.com/2012/09/tears-of-steel-completely-open-source-film

It’s a very weird film. I also gather it is supposed to be funny, and is funny for many viewers.

“I was a dick, but that doesn’t mean you should destroy the world.”

And look at its youtube comment:


I assume that is a male youtube poster. I am also assuming that most of those 33 likes are other males.

I think…this seems like a sublimated commentary on modern feminism from a male perspective. The empowered (robotic) woman is angry and revengeful. She’ll take down the old order even if it means leaving rubble behind. You could say the same thing about any revolutionary movement.

And it has been a revolution. However you feel about it, everyone agrees that the dynamic between the genders circa 1950 in the West is not even close to it in 2017.

I’m trying to get off my soapbox and see it from other perspectives. I know my attitude (hybrid 2nd wave feminist + social conservative Christian) is long passe and offensive to all.

Things that send me into a rage do not send other people into a rage. And other things do. I know everyone has been hurt, and maybe I should listen more when men say they are hurt. You always need a very good reason to blow off another’s pain.



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