The long shadow of marxism

Marxism is still very much with us, in a new form. This is it:

1. Progress comes through indignant  rage

2. Love = hate. If you hate the rich, you must love the poor. If you mock and hate “white males”, it shows you must love black females. If you hate “the racists”, you get automatic  karma for loving minorities. If you hate “the haters”, Oh, the purity of your charitable generous soul!!!!

Redemption, salvation, is only through one thing: rage and contempt and hatred.

I saw a cap with the logo “progress army”. I knew it was leftist before I even looked it up. Only they embrace violence as the key to everything else. For other religions, violent conflict is a means to an end, a tool to be used. Only in the religion of secular leftism is the violent struggle itself the end and the means and the salvation.  It is no coincidence that their symbols are so frequently a clenched fist ready to strike.

I might be a benighted anti-progressive religious ideologue, but believe it or not, the core of my shabby faded faith is actually love for my God. (Not even hatred for the devil.) Please listen to us for one moment, before you call is haters again:  We patriots, Christians, “clingers”, and hicks — what drives us is love for our own — our own forefathers, our own history, our own God, our own Bibles, our own towns, our own fields and our own trucks — not hatred of “the other”.

Leftism, on the other hand, is rooted in hatred. Hatred of the class enemy, the corporate enemy, the traditionalist enemy, the conservative enemy, the evil other, the “haters”. The very ideology of leftism is based out of a “holy” hatred. They do not define themselves by what they love, but by what they hate

So there is only one religion whose very center is pure hate. And unfortunately it’s the one that claims to fight “hate”, which it has conveniently defined as everything that dissents from itself.

Seeing, they do not see. Hearing, they do not hear. Otherwise, they might see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and turn — and I would heal them.







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